Ports of Comores

Port of Boigoma is located on the northern coast of the island of Mohéli, the smallest island in the Union of the Comoros, and it is managed by the Comoros Port Authority. The port is small and only includes one berthing pier. However, despite its small size, it plays an important role in the Union’s maritime traffic. Indeed, a large number of goods bound for the island of Mohéli are necessarily transhipped at the port of Mutsamudu and Moroni. In March 2015, the China Communication Construction Company was awarded the contract to build the Port of Mohéli Island. The work took two years to complete at a cost of $149 million.

Port of Moroni

In March 2018, a commercial contract was signed between the Comorian government and the Chinese company China Road & Bridge Corporation (CRBC) for the construction of a deep water port where the current Moroni port is situated. This project comes with an estimated cost of 65 billion Comorian francs or 165 million dollars and it is expected to run for two years. The construction of the port should boost national economic growth and it will also allow the socio-economic development of the Union of the Comoros. The government's goal is to make the Comoros an emerging country by 2030. More generally, the government wants the four ports of the archipelago (Longoni, Moroni, Mutsamudu, and Boingoma) to meet international standards.

Port of Mutsamudu

The port of Mutsamudu was created in 1982 with funding from the African Development Bank and it is managed by the Port Authority of Comoros (PAC). It is the only deep-water port in the Union of the Comoros with a draught of 9m and maritime freight lines serving Europe, China and continental Africa. Port infrastructures are not sufficiently developed in view of the potential that the port can offer. Thus, in March 2018, the Port Director was replaced by a commission, now in charge of straightening and reorganizing the port.